Syd Wright's Alaska

Educator, fisherman, raconteur...Syd Wright served as Petersburg's unofficial historian, captivating visitors with his wit and eloquence. Syd Wright's Alaska preserves his tales for all time. Hear his vivid descriptions of the region's ancestral people, the Tlingit, their art and culture; of Alaska's European discovery by an emissary of Tsar Peter the Great; of the region's surprising role in the conclusion of the American Civil War; of the public treasure that emerged from the discourse between John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt; of Alaska's investiture as the 49th State of the Union; of the region's astonishingly rich fisheries and the people and communities that depend on them; of its land, its creatures, its abundance and its beauty. A tribute to the art of storytelling, this program is a gem the whole family will enjoy. DVD-Video