Ship Safety Orientation

A component of The Ship Safety Suite, Ship Safety Orientation begins with a discussion of the goal of modern vessel operations: to serve the shipping marketplace by providing marine operations that cause no accidents, no injuries to personnel and no environmental damage. The program describes the importance of a safety culture extending from top management through the ranks of onboard personnel. It discusses the importance of ship familiarization training for new crewmembers and goes on to cover maritime security, the HSSE (health, safety, security and environmental) management system, safety and survival at sea, safety on the job, basic seamanship, accident and injury reporting, onboard emergencies, zero tolerance for controlled substances and an introduction to shipboard environmental management. 20 min. DVD-Video.

Program Modules:

Ship Safety Orientation
Welcome Aboard
Ship Familiarization
Maritime Security
The HSSE Management System
Safety & Survival at Sea
Safety on the Job
Basic Seamanship
Accident & Injury Reporting
Onboard Emergencies
Zero Tolerance Policy
Environmental Management

The Program of Shipboard Safety
The Chain of Accountability
Defined Responsibilities
Managing the Task
Near Miss Reporting
Hazards & Risks
Job Hazard Analysis
Permits to Work

Onboard Lockout Tagout
Your Vessel’s Energy Control Program

Environmental Responsibility
Valuing the Sea
Climate Change
Marine Litter
Ballast Water
Oil and Other Liquid Pollutants
TBT and Other Toxic Substances
DVD Video., 20:06.

Ship Safety Suite