Conducting Onboard Drills

No one is ever 100 percent ready for an emergency at sea. Emergency situations always develop unexpectedly, and every situation is unique.

Nearly all vessel casualties are the result of human error. In a crisis, making good decisions is the only thing that stands between the vessel and catastrophe, but fear and confusion can easily overwhelm good judgement. Two steps, preparation and practice, are vital for ensuring that your crew makes the best possible decisions under pressure. The alternatives to preparation and practice are chaos and panic. Imagine a football team trying to compete without plays or assigned positions.

Completely revised in 2012, the 2nd Edition of this highly regarded marine training program was filmed at sea aboard vessels ranging from Bering Sea fishing vessels, to West Coast container ships, to oil and liquid natural gas tankers operating on Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico waters. The program is designed to assist vessel owners and operators in preparing their crews for coping with potential emergencies, and in meeting federal regulations. It delineates the importance of crew preparation and practice in responding to potential emergencies, the role of the skipper or leader, mechanisms for developing emergency plans, and detailed procedures for conducting abandon ship and fire drills. The program is a versatile and effective educational tool that can be utilized during crew meetings, meal breaks or shoreside safety orientations.

Conducting Onboard Drills is one of the eight titles in the Marine Survival Equipment Training Program. DVD-Video. 19 minutes.

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