Interactive Testing


Basic Fire Fighting Part 1, Test

Use these powerful assessment tools to measure and certificate your comprehension of our training curricula using the mnemonic or memory-enhancing power of video.

If you're an employer, use them to measure and track test scores for all of your personnel. We'll work with you to develop custom test solutions to meet your specific training needs.

Nautical Media's Interactive Testing Interfaces utilize video clips as memory aids to boost retention and help your personnel demonstrate their knowledge and the effectiveness of your training program. Each test requires personnel to review a video training curriculum in short segments so that retention rates are high. With the video scenes fresh in their minds, even crewmembers with cultural, educational or linguistic challenges have high probability of achieving passing test scores. The content is SCORM compliant.

The result is a win-win-win. The crewmember gets a passing grade and a certificate for his or her personal file. The employer demonstrates that its personnel are retaining vital information and obtains statistical confirmation that its training efforts are working. Auditors see conclusive evidence that the employer is doing its job.

Click on the link below to see a live demonstration of the Interactive Testing Interfaces depicted in the screen captures to the left.

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