Production Services

Production Services

Serving the commercial marine and recreational boating industries, John Sabella & Associates, Inc. of Seattle is a technical communications firm that specializes in creating media resources for public and private clients. The firm helps its clients pursue goals that range from market development to consumer education. In addition to undertaking public relations, corporate image and sales promotion projects, the firm creates instructional books and manuals, educational and documentary videotapes, and computer based training products distributed by its subsidiary enterprise, Nautical Media. Mr. Sabella is pictured at upper left. Subsequent images depict the firm's production activities and work examples.

Media Production: conceptual development, scripting, field production, post production, promotion, distribution.

Advertising: conceptual development, copyrighting, graphic design, graphic production, media placement.

Public Relations: strategic planning, media relations, press release publicity, crisis management.

Market Development: market research, key contacts, corporate image, corporate capability, product placement.

Publication Management: research, drafting, graphic design, print production, promotion, distribution.

Our philosophy is that whether the story is sales promotion, corporate capability or an instructional curriculum, professional use of the communications media is essential for delivering the message to the target audience. The JS&A team consists of communications professionals who are expert at conveying information and building image.

The process begins with detailed research and planning, based on the theory that whatever the communications goal, organization is the key to creative and budgetary success. Once conceptual planning is in place, the firm applies its years of experience at packaging information for maximum impact and accessibility.

In print, JS&A weaves text, imagery and graphic design into information tools ranging from display ads to corporate brochures and instructional manuals. Its media products blend precise content with broadcast-quality production values. Often the firm is asked to combine print and videotape into a comprehensive information system.

The firm's information products and systems promote corporate image, market development, product identity, sales training, consumer training, employee training and industrial safety.

Our attitude toward Public Relations is that word of mouth is the most credible kind of promotion there is. Responsible, honest communication and the use of relevant local perspectives is the best way to generate a positive relationship with the media and gain community support.

As a company, our interest lies in undertaking projects of worthwhile purpose, where there is a commitment to excellence with respect to the content and presentation of the work. Our commitment is guaranteed client satisfaction at a fair price. We have a substantial record of achievement that attests to our ability to produce media resources on a broad range of subjects. Our work combines carefully-crafted content with professional production values.

We pride ourselves on the care that goes into each project, from the initial planning and budgeting phases throughout the various stages of execution. If there is a single feature that distinguishes our work, it is attention to detail. We make every effort to ensure that our planning minimizes mistakes and oversights, and we find that taking care of details helps ensure that budgets, deadlines and objectives are met.

John Sabella has 20 years of media experience in newspapers, radio, magazines and video production. The author of numerous books, articles and video scripts, he remains a frequent contributor to trade publications and the general media on business issues, personalities and the environment. He remains personally involved in all of his firm's creative endeavors. Mr. Sabella received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Colorado and his Master of Journalism Degree from the University of California at Berkeley. His awards include the Colorado Press Association News Story of the Year, the Ballard Business Person of the Year, the Society for Technical Communications Award of Excellence, Telly awards and the International Television/Video Association's Emerald City Award. A list of his recent works begins on Page 8.

Paul Sharpe is an award winning photograper with international field experience in broadcast documentaries, commercials and corporate programming. He has been nominated for national Emmy and Telly Awards for cinematography and videography.

Currently a free-lance photographer and director of photography, he has served as producer-cinematographer for Expedition Earth, a series of sports/adventure documentaries fo ESPN, as senior news photographer for KSPN-TV in Denver and as owner-operator of Sharpe Productions in Aspen, Colorado.

Among his cinematography credits are the one-hour ESPN film documentaries Venezuela: Vertical Jungle, Himalayas: Kingdom of the Sherpas, Bio Bio: Lost River of the Mapuche, Grand Canyon: River of Dreams, The Nameless Tower and Costa Rica: Treasure Island. His ABC credits include Rafting into Siberia, Song of the Humpback, Voices in the Wild: The Predator's Dilemma, The Headhunter's Dilemma, Twilight of the Gorilla, The Poaching Wars and China's Challenging Yangtze.

His corporate clients have included Weyerhauser, Trident Seafoods Corporation, Adidas, Yamaha and the Aspen Skiing Company.

Elizabeth Bowman Sabella has 30 years of business experience in private banking and commercial lending. She serves as the firm's sales and business development manager.

John Sabella & Associates develops compensation packages on a client-by-client basis, depending
on the scope of work to be undertaken. Estimates of creative fees and production costs are developed and presented for client approval prior to project commencement. The firm will not exceed agreed upon budgets without written approval.

Invoices are generated from daily time sheets twice per month. Supporting records that delineate hours expended and production costs are available for client review. Payment terms are net 30 days from the date of invoice.

Fixed-bid projects are undertaken on a contractual basis, with full or partial payment required prior to project commencement.

Alaska Tanker Corporation
BP Shipping
Chevron Shipping
Crowley Marine Services
Foss Maritime
Alaska Marine Highway System
The Glosten Associates
The Shipbuilder's Council of America
The Ship Operations Cooperative Program
The U.S. Surimi Commission
ICOM America
University of Washington
Trident Seafoods Corporation
Peter Pan Seafoods Corporation
American Seafoods Corporation
Aleutian Spray Fisheries Corporation
Golden Alaska Fisheries Corporation
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
Southeast Alaska Seiners Association
Fishing Vessel Owners Association
North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners Association
Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center
Museum of History & Industry
Glacier Fish Company
Seattle Fisherman's Memorial Committee
Global Aqua
Golden Alaska Seafoods Corporation
Clipper Seafoods Corporation
Northwest Fisheries Association
Seafood Producers Cooperative
Odyssey Enterprises, Inc.
Nor'eastern Trawl Systems
Arctic Alaska Fisheries Corporation
At Sea Processors Association
Mariculture Systems
Dory Seafoods
Sabroe Refrigeration
Whatcom County Museum of History & Art
Nordic Heritage Museum
Drayton Harbor Maritime Foundation
Anacortes Museum Foundation
Whatcom County Parks Foundation
Clausen Museum
Juneau Douglas City Museum
Cordova District Fishermen United
American High Seas Fisheries Association
Oregon State University
Ocean Spar
Alaska Troll Salmon Association
Associated Grocers
Trans-Pacific Industries
Seattle Marine Business Coalition
Pacific Marine Expo
American Independent Fisherman's Association
Samson Ocean Systems
Allied Signal
National Fisherman
Alaska Fisherman's Journal
Pacific Fishing Magazine

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