Proprietary Training


Proprietary Training

Generic training media is good, but proprietary media photographed aboard your vessel is best. Why leave your crew in the position of having to interpret training scenarios staged in settings that may look little or nothing like the circumstances that exist in their own workplace, perhaps in a language they can't understand? Let our creative team record exactly what transpires aboard your vessel and demonstrate the precise procedures you want them to observe, whether the context is an emergency or a routine operation. Let us employ the dramatic power of professional video to create programs that maximize the training message, whether the subject is sea survival or human relationships, maritime security or zero tolerance. Show your personnel exactly where you want them to muster in an emergency or what you mean by PPE. Demonstrate how you want them to manage access at the gangway or how to conduct a security search. Teach them to cope with interpersonal problems in a medium that transcends linguistic and cultural barriers and succeeds on the principle that seeing is believing. Establish a tone of professionalism and a respect for the seriousness of your training program from the moment your new hire views your Orientation DVD. The training is powerful, portable and the trainer never has a bad day. We create proprietary employee training, orientation training and corporate capability programs for a Who's Who of public and private clients. Our services range from conceptual development and script writing, to field and post production, to packaging and distribution. Call now to discuss your needs.

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Tragedy and Courage on the Bering Sea
University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System
BP Shipping's Control of Work System
Environmental Responsibility at Sea
Alaska Marine Highway System: Fast Ferry Passenger Safety
Taking the Search out of Search & Rescue
Onboard Basic Safety Training
Basic Fire Fighting
Personal Survival Techniques
Personal Safety & Social Responsibility
Onboard First Aid: Immediate Actions
Alaska Tanker Company: Vessel Safety Orientation
Onboard Lockout-Tagout
Back Care for Maritime Industry
Maritime Medical Emergencies
American Seafoods Respectful Workplace Policy
ICOM DSC University
Working Aboard the Catcher Processor Starbound
Shipyard Ergonomics
Marine Survival Equipment Training Program

BP Shipping: Welcome Aboard
BP Shipping: Marine Environment Awareness
BP Shipping: Safety Observations & Conversations for Leaders
A Shock to the Heart: Treatment of Heart Attack
An Elephant on the Chest: Treatment of Chest Pain
Don't Be a Fall Guy: Treatment of Trauma
The Eyes Have It!: Treatment of Contaminated Eyes
Cooking Up Trouble: Treatment of Burns
One Hand for the Ship: Treatment of Amputation
Use Your Head: Treatment of Head Injury
Be Prepared: Treatment of seizure
Don't Get Choked Up: Treatment of Choking
Green With Envy: Treatment of Sea Sickness
The Clipper Seafoods Commitment to Safety
An Introduction to Longlining
Valuing Diversity in the Workplace
Group Call
Position Request
Digital Distress Messages
Working for American Seafoods Company
The Language of Infants: Univ. Washington Educational Series
Responsibility & the Ocean Workplace
Arctic Alaska: The Challenge
Living & Working Aboard the Arctic Enterprise
Arctic Alaska Instructional Series
Medical Emergencies at Sea
Fire Fighting & Control
Fishing Vessel Stability
Conducting Onboard Drills
Inflatable Liferafts
Immersion Suits
Personal Flotation Devices
Visual Distress Signals
Marine Fire: First Response
Wire Rope Splicing
Braided Rope Splicing
Net Mending
The Bering Sea Combination Trawl
The Hard Bottom Snapper Trawl
Fishbusters: The Universal Trawl Door
Urinalysis Testing in the Transportation Workplace

Youth Maritime Training Association
US Surimi Commission

Welcome to Clipper Seafoods
Meet Golden Alaska
Glacier Fish Company
From the Land of Peter Pan
Kvichak Marine Industries
Yukon Delta Corporation: Putting Resource Dollars to Work
American Factory Trawler Association
Trident Seafoods Corporation: The American Connection
American Seafoods Company: From the Ocean to the Plate
Resource Group International
Sovereign Yacht
American High Seas Processors
NET Systems, Incorporated

Genuine Alaska Pollock
Eat on the Wild Side, North Pacific Halibut and Blackcod

Copper River Salmon: Alaska's Finest
The Salmon Market, Challenge and Opportunity
The Southeast Alaska Salmon Industry
The Ocean Spar Net Pen System
Splicing RP-12
The Sailor's Guide to Braided Rope
Spectra & the Mother of Storms
The Synthetic Wire Rope
The Synthetic Wire Rope In the Heavy Marine Industry

Images, from top, fire drill aboard the LNG Tanker British Merchant recorded during the production of BP Shipping's Control of Work training program, a scene from Shipyard Ergonomics, produced for the Shipbuilder's Council of America; fire drill staged during the production of the Alaska Tanker Company Vessel Safety Orientation; actors portray crew members in the Ship Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP) Committee's program titled Personal Safety & Social Responsibility; another scene from the SOCP program; a scene from Onboard Lockout-Tagout produced for a group of firms including Chevron Shipping, Crowley Marine Services and Foss Maritime Company; getting ready for a boat drill aboard the CSX Enterprise; boat drill photographed for Alaska Tanker, a scene illustrating PPE required for working aloft by BP Shipping, one of our video crews shooting fire response procedures for Alaska Tanker, conducting a Job Hazard Analysis aboard the British Merchant, Deck operations proceeding under a BP Shipping Permit to Work, Mr. Sabella engaged in product research on the run from Bermuda to Newport, Rhode Island


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