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Terrorism: Chemical Weapons

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“Terrorism: Chemical Weapons” outlines response guidelines for suspected chemical terrorist incidents. It is designed for emergency response and emergency management personnel who may be called upon to respond to an act of terrorism. This program profiles the four classes of chemical agents: lethal agents (including both nerve agents and blood agents); blister agents; choking agents; and incapacitating agents. Within each class, the program discusses properties and examines the mechanics by which the agent causes harm. Symptoms of both mild and severe exposures are described. Warning signs and indicators of a chemical attack are described. The program tells how emergency responders can protect themselves against contamination. Decontamination of victims, equipment and responders is illustrated, including mass decon procedures. Procedures first responding units must follow are portrayed, including using hazmat response protocols, sizing up the situation, establishing control zones, assessing risks to responders as well as to the community, and notification. Other topics covered include possible terrorist targets, likely dissemination devices for chemical agents, site control, air monitoring, use of test kits to identify agents, incident management, managing victims, secondary devices, and clean-up. 26 minutes.

A companion 60-page Leader’s Guide outlines a seminar that includes objectives, pre- and postseminar testing, classroom and field exercises, and other materials that will be of interest to responders. “Terrorism: Chemical Weapons” was filmed on location in Florida with the help of local emergency responders, industry and environmental groups. About the series “Terrorism: Chemical Weapons” is part of the timely WMD Response Package. This series is designed for firefighters, hazmat teams, bomb squads, police, EMTs, and other local emergency personnel who are likely to be at the scene of a terrorist event before federal response agencies arrive. Titles in the series include “Terrorism: 1st Response,” “Terrorism: Biological Weapons,” “Terrorism: Chemical Weapons,” “Terrorism: Explosive & Incendiary Weapons,” “Terrorism: Radiological Weapons,” “Detecting Weapons of Mass Destruction,” and “Response to Anthrax Threats.”

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