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Sodium Hydroxide &  Potassium Hydroxide

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Learn about these two caustic chemicals and how to manage an effective response.

"Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)" DVD teaches about the two most important caustics used in industry.

Caustics are strong alkaline chemicals, corrosive to many materials including human tissue.These caustics have also been used in the illegal manufacture of homemade bottle bombs. This safety program includes updated information about containers and protective clothing used when using caustics or responding to incidents where they are involved. There is new information about cleaning up dry spills and on the use of acetic acid and muriatic acid in neutralization operations.Topics covered:
The relevance of pH
Containers used with caustics
Protective clothing and equipment
Protecting water supplies from spills
Flammability and reactivity properties of caustics
Preventing explosions
Neutralization operations
Hydrogen gas formation
Offensive vs. defensive operations for fires
Selecting extinguishing agents for fires
Much more! Includes 29-minute DVD plus separate Instructor's CD-Rom with PowerPoints and other resource materials.

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Sodium Hydroxide & Potassium Hydroxide

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