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This pesticide safety training video is for both workers and response personnel.

"Pesticides" DVD is part of the HazChem Series, and is a newly updated program selected by the International Association of Fire Fighters as their standard for responding to pesticides incidents. It teaches valuable lessons about the hazards of pesticides and how to avoid exposure when working with or responding to incidents that involve pesticides. Topcis covered:
Common symptoms of exposure
Fire fighting: when it may be best not to fight a fire
Understanding and using EPA labels
Managing runoff
First aid for pesticide exposure
Much more! 29 minutes.
Meister's 2011 Crop Protection Handbook, with specifications for all the new technology products together with trade names. Over 800 pages, but user friendly so you can find the information quickly!
The Instructor CD-Rom includes a PowerPoint, post-seminar quiz, copy of the script for reference and additional documents in .pdf format that will be of help in presenting a seminar.
"Pesticides" is the winner of the CINE Golden Eagle Award

29 Minutes

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