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Hazchem Series

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Learn to recognize and respond safely to hazardous chemicals!

The "HazChem Series" consists of 11 DVDs. Each program introduces fundamental lessons about safe handling and emergency response procedures for a specific hazardous chemical or class of chemicals. Each includes footage of actual incidents combined with action-packed realistic training scenarios to get students up close as fire fighters, police, EMTs, and industry teams carry out procedures to mitigate incidents involving hazardous products.
Each Hazchem programs teaches:

Hazardous properties of the product
Occupancies where they are found
Proper protective clothing
Decontamination procedures
Proper response to leaks, spills or fires
Emergency medical treatment

Titles are available separately or as a package deal at a substantial savings. Valuable for Hazwoper and Right-to-Know training! The 11 DVDs currently available are:

"Introduction to Hazardous Chemicals"
"Anhydrous Ammonia"
"Benzene, Toluene & Xylene"
"Hazardous Waste"
"Hydrogen Sulfide"
"Inorganic Oxidizers"
"Propane, Butane & Propylene"
"Sodium Hydroxide & Potassium Hydroxide"
"Sulfuric Acid & Hydrochloric Acid"

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Hazchem Series

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