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Facility Emergency Management

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Helps facilities develop an Emergency Plan for preparedness and resilience.

"Facility Emergency Management" DVD is designed to help small and medium sized organizations create facility action plans and institute emergency procedures and comply with FEMA's PS-Prep initiative - the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program. The purpose of PS-Prep is to ensure that the private sector is able to prepare for and recover from major disruptive incidents, thereby promoting national resilience and security.

In an organization, the Emergency Manager is responsible for protecting those within the facility, whether they are students, employees, patients, customers or visitors. Knowing what to do when faced with an emergency can mean the difference between life and death. This program will help facilities develop an emergency plan to be used at incidents of all sizes, whether inside or outside of the facility. Topics covered:
Developing an emergency management structure
The role of the emergency management team
Setting up the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
Procedures for interfacing with local and regional response personnel
Appropriate response to different levels of incidents
Mitigation and prevention
The Incident Command System
Included in the package is a DVD and an accompanying Resource CD-Rom, with a Powerpoint presentation focusing on the some of the national standards that were used in developing PS-Prep, as well as a post-seminar quiz, and other materials that will help an Instructor present a training seminar.

30 Minutes.

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Facility Emergency Management

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