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Piracy: Preparations, Precautions, and Response

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An old problem is making big news: piracy.

Expecting port state authorities to defend and protect each ship is folly. The threat is too pervasive; the danger of piracy or armed robbery is too widespread. Every mariner must be aware of the risk, every crew must be trained, and every ship must be prepared for a worst case scenario.

This DVD helps achieve those goals by discussing the preparations and precautions to take before entering high risk areas and detailing specific actions to take when attack is imminent or if pirates have boarded your ship.

Included with the DVD is a unique Piracy checklist highlighting important actions to take for each of several points in the voyage: as your prepare to enter a high risk area, when an attack is imminent, or if an attack has been successful and pirates have boarded your ship.
Also included is an anti-piracy poster, a constant reminder to your crew to remain vigilant and wary of the threat.

What you will learn:
- 5 key vulnerabilities
- Using your Ship Security Plan
- Effective anti-piracy technologies
- Active and Passive defensive measures

Length: 11 minutes. Language: English. Subtitles: Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish. DVD-Video

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