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Digital Selective Calling

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Digital Selective Calling or DSC is the modern system for sending digital distress messages over MF, HF and VHF marine radio frequencies. DSC offers faster, more reliable, longer range communications than older analog signals. When the vessel’s DSC compliant radio is registered with a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number and interfaced with the onboard Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, Search and Rescue authorities receive detailed information about the identity of the vessel in distress, its location and even the nature of the emergency at the push of a button. DSC also enhances routine radio communications.

In this program Master Radio Electronics Officer Walter Gibson shows you how it works.

Standard VHF Features
DSC Features
Making a Routine DSC Call
Incoming Calls
All Ships Calls
Distress Communications
If You Hear a DSC Alert
Canceling a False DSC Distress Alert

Produced in conjunction with the National GMDSS Task Force. DVD Video, 26 minutes.

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