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Effective Communication Instructor's Guide

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You don't need to be a professional trainer or facilitator to guide learners through this program. Effective Communication provides you with different options and different learning materials you can use to meet your own requirements and your learners' skill levels.

Each of the three programs in Effective Communication offers different learning options: Short Workshops, Classroom Sessions, On-board Refreshers, Remedial Practice.

And there's a set of integrated Learning Materials: 15-Minute Video, Handouts and Exercises, Assessments, a Personal Learning Plan, and the 300-phrase audio practice tool, the MTS Audio Builder.

The sections in this Instructors Guide are:
• Introduction for Instructor / Facilitator
• 3 Instructor Scripts (for each Effective Communication video)
• Student Handouts
• Program Assessments
• Audio Builder
• Additional Materials and Resources

The guide includes an introductory section with tips on preparation, getting started, and basic facilitation skills --- perfect for first-time facilitators.

Effective Communication goes beyond traditional vocabulary drill and word memorization, teaching social skills and basic business communication standards. This book is not an English language instruction program; it is about improving workplace behavior and building positive relationships.

This book is also included in the Effective Communication: Complete Package

Language: English. 200 pages.

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