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Effective Communication: Better Body Language and Behavior

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Inability to communicate properly with coworkers leads to an unhappy and unsafe workplace. Being able to decipher subtle communication clues saves time and raises crew moral. This means higher productivity and more money earned. Learn how to use efficient body language, voice tone, and timing to minimize seafaring incidents caused by human error ("the human factor"). This first installment of a 3-part series also acts as an introduction to later programs.

• Improve your crew's safety
• Role playing and shipboard examples depict realistic scenarios
• Thorough overview of non-verbal communication
• Enhance your crew's productivity
• Decrease damage to your ship

• Verbal and non-verbal communication
• Physical appearance
• Spacing and timing

Subtitles: English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian. 15 min.

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Effective Communication: Better Body Language and Behavior

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