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Man Overboard! Procedures and Precautions

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Knowing how to swim isn’t enough to save you if you fall into the water. It’s not. The best way to avoid this deadly situation is prevention. But when that doesn't work, it's essential that your crew knows what to do when one of your shipmates goes into the water. First and foremost, do not lose sight of the victim and hail the bridge. Modern RADAR and ECS/ECDIS have a Man Overboard (MOB) feature - activate it!

• See real man overboard (MOB) drills, including an exercise between the US Coast Guard, Columbia River Bar Pilots, and a commercial carrier

• Go on location to the rough seas off the US West Coast, travel to a remote stretch of Canadian coastline, watch a Fast Rescue Boat exercise at the IDESS training center in the Philippines

• Get large vessel perspective on MOB response by watching simulated Williamson and Anderson turns

• Bonus materials: Over 30 test questions for Man Overboard scenarios approved by the US Coast Guard, ideal for group discussions or for advanced learners, Rescue Boat equipment checklist, Missing Person Report checklist and general Man Overboard checklist.

Potential causes and preventative measures
Correct actions to take, both on the deck and on the bridge
Hypothermia and other life-threatening effects
Minimizing injury for the person recovered from the water
Missing person and man overboard checklists

Subtitles: Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish. 25 min.

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Man Overboard! Procedures and Precautions

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