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People have been welding in one form or another for over 2,000 years. But like many industrial processes, welding can be very dangerous. Whether an employee is working with the hazardous gases of an "oxyacetylene" unit... the high voltage of "stick welding"... or the combination of gas and electricity that powers "MIG" and "TIG" operations... flying sparks, toxic fumes, electric shock and high temperatures are just some of the things that can make welding a dangerous proposition.

Welding Safety reminds employees that there are indeed a number of hazards associated with welding, and provide the information they need to work safely when involved with welding operations. Topics covered in these products include:

Getting "authorization" for welding operations.
Sparking and the risk of fire.
Guards and protective barriers.
Hazardous fumes and ventilation.
The use of respirators and other personal
protective equipment.
Eye protection (welding helmets, filters, glasses and goggles)
Inspecting welding equipment.
Proper welding safety procedures.
and more.


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