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Pilot Ladders: Safe Rigging Procedures

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"Paint and grease were splattered on the rungs, and a frayed line used to secure the ladder didn't look strong enough to hold. I told the boatswain. He changed the frayed line and did his best to clean off the grease, but I was still hesitant to use the ladder."
Captain Kelly Sweeny, Professional Mariner Magazine: "A Mariner's Notebook"

This pilot had doubts! Doubts about the equipment and doubts about his safety. And rightly so. At a minimum he could have refused to use the pilot ladder. Worse still, he could have reported the infraction to Port State authorities.

Don't let an improperly secured or maintained pilot ladder burden your ship with extra costs, delays or injuries. Make sure your crew understands the importance of a correctly rigged pilot ladder.

A new DVD from Maritime Training Services, Pilot Ladders: Safe Rigging Procedures offers guidance to the crew on their responsibilities. Filmed with the help of the Puget Sound Pilots Association and aboard the Westwood Rainier, we see a well trained crew position their ladder the right way and hear directly from experienced pilots on the level of support they demand from the ship. The program examines the IMO regulations and presents many important tips to insure a smooth and safe operation.

What you will learn:

How to properly secure the ladder
Inspection requirements
Correct Maintenance procedures
Best practices to insure compliance

8 minutes.

English with Chinese, Spanish and Russian subtitles. DVD-Video

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Pilot Ladders: Safe Rigging Procedures

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