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Portable Fire Extinguishers. Your First Line of Defense

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They are on every ship as your first line of defense against fire; filled and ready for use. Or are they?

Do you know where each extinguisher is located? Has it been properly maintained? Is it the right one for the job? And are you prepared to use it correctly? Not having an immediate answer to these questions could mean the difference between successfully extinguishing a small fire and responding to an inferno.

"Portable Fire Extinguishers: You First Line of Defense" helps answer these questions and more. Filmed onboard the Westwood Victoria and at the Washington State Fire Academy, this 11 minute program takes the viewer through the basics of portable fire extinguishers and reviews what all mariners have learned yet may have forgotten about fire chemistry, extinguisher types, fire fighting techniques, and equipment maintenance.

Kevin Taylor, Captain of the Longview Washington fire department comes aboard to explain where and when to use different types of extinguishers. We hear important tips to keep in mind when faced with a fire and see how a simple-to-remember acronym will help the fire crew put it out and keep it out.

Includes a 10-question competency assessment test to review concepts and check for understanding.

What you will learn:

Fire Types: How to break the Fire Triangle
Extinguishers: Which to use and when
Technique: P.A.S.S. - a simple-to-remember fire fighting acronym
Maintenance: When to test, when to refill

Length: 11 minutes

English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian

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Portable Fire Extinguishers. Your First Line of Defense

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