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Celestial Navigation Course

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Starpath Celestial Course Package

Includes a complete, self-contained homestudy course in printed materials, a complete electronic version of the entire course on a CD-ROM, extensive resources on the CD, as well as enrollment in the Starpath Online Celestial Navigation Course.

With this combination you can choose the media that is most convenient to you at the time. Use the search engines and software resources from the computer, while you work through the lessons, assignments and quizzes in the interactive online classroom. And when you are away from the computer, study with the printed texts, table sections, and workforms.

About The Course...
This course covers how to find position at sea from timed sextant sights of the sun, moon, stars, and planets plus other routine and special procedures of safe, efficient offshore navigation. No previous navigation experience is required — the only math involved is arithmetic (adding and subtracting angles and times). This is a practical, how-to-do-it course, which also includes clear explanations of how it works and how to do it well. Plus this course includes other crucial factors of ocean navigation besides just finding out where you are from the stars, such as logbook procedures, dead reckoning, error analysis, route planning, etc. At the end of this course, you will be ready for ocean navigation. Thousands of students have successfully learned celestial from these materials and gone on to cross oceans or circumnavigate the globe.

And you will not be left studying on your own. Registered for our course, you are just a keyboard click away from individual personal help whenever you need it.

All text materials are provided to complete the course. The only thing extra you might need are basic plotting tools (parallel rules, dividers and protractor). If you have no tools now, then our plotting tool kit will provide what you need... not just for the course, but for all of your future navigation underway as well.

You do not need a sextant to work the course. See discussion in Frequently Asked Questions on celestial navigation. Celestial Course Topics include:

Lat, Lon, and nautical miles
Principles of celestial navigation
Sextant usage and care
Noon sights for latitude
Running fixes from the sun
Ocean dead reckoning
Time keeping
Sextant sights and sight reduction of sun, moon, stars, and planets
Star ID and sight planning
Daily procedures and logbooks
Route planning
Compass checks at sea
High seas radio usage
Landfall procedures
Use of calculators
Use of NAO sight reduction tables
Plus emergency navigation techniques and notes on the latest developments in GPS

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