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Starpath Nav Rules Trainer

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A training tool and resource for anyone who wants to learn the Rules of the Road thoroughly — for their own safety or for preparation for a USCG license exam. It includes detailed explanations of each Rule and a powerful self testing module used to study an enormous data base of questions on the Rules, along with unique vessel lights presentations and a detailed treatment of the Nav Rules that pertain to radar.

It includes complete, fully illustrated, indexed and searchable, electronic versions of the Navigation Rules for:
- International Waters
- US Inland Waters
- Canadian Waters

PLUS The entire data base of all USCG Exam questions on the Navigation Rules are presented within a unique Examiner window, which lets users define and score practice tests as desired. These questions are no longer available from the USCG.

PLUS High resolution pdf copies of the US and International Rules that can be printed for a personal hard copy edition

PLUS Explanations and court citations for each Rule

PLUS Selected USCG exam questions, fully explained, that best illustrate each Rule

PLUS Plain language Glossary that explains each key term used in the Rules

PLUS Special section that explains the role of radar in the Navigation Rules

PLUS Diagrams of all vessel lights organized by color pattern as well as vessel type.

PLUS Detailed section showing every single difference between the US Inland and the International Rules, color coded to mark the significance of each difference.

PLUS Special Annotated Table of Contents to help locate which Rule covers which topic.

PLUS New section on how to use this product to study for USCG license exams.

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