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Starpath Weather Trainer

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With this software on your PC you can quickly and interactively unlock the time-honored secrets of shipboard observations and master the complexities of today's weather resources.

Weather technology provides mariners with increasingly sophisticated resources. The new Starpath Weather Trainer Live teaches you how they work and where to find them. Subjects include: Obtaining and using GRIB formatted data; NAVTEX broadcasts; standard and new radio sources; weather by cell phone and sat phone; HF high seas reports; radiofacsimile weather maps; weather maps by email underway; real time satellite photos; use of Internet for planning, and more. This program will make you an expert at weather map reading and usage.

Traditional skills will always prove to be irreplaceable in prudent navigation. For traditionalists (and those who know Murphy's Law still applies to on-board electronics) Weather Trainer Live offers a dynamic, hands-on way to identify and analyze the eternal natural signs of wind, sea, and sky. You'll learn how to use your barometer to its full potential, recognize clouds and their meanings, interpret changes in wind and sea conditions, and how to mold these observations into a realistic picture of existing and impending weather. And you'll learn how to use these observations to evaluate and fine tune official reports and weather maps.

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