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Rigging, Putting Slings to Work

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In this program the Rigger learns how to best apply slings and rigging hardware to the load. Beginning with understanding rigging capacity, a complete explanation of associated terms such as the Vertical Load, Working Load Limit, Proof Load, Proof Test, Ultimate Strength, and Design Factor are presented. Next each type of rigging hardware (shackles, hooks, wire rope slings, nylon slings, chain) is discussed as to its designed function and demonstrated in several applications. A further explanation of hitch types such as Single leg or Vertical, Bridle, Basket, Choker, Double Wraps, are demonstrated as to their load handling and capacity characteristics. Thorough instruction on the effects of sling angles, D/d, center of gravity, and proper maintenance is given. Finally, necessary personal protective equipment for the rigger and safe rigging practices for the type of sling and hitch used are covered in depth. DVD-Video

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