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The ISM Code – What’s It Got to Do With Me?

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This video/DVD cuts through all the “small print” of the ISM code, and, in a deliberately provocative way, explains to a ships crew exactly what the code means, why it is important, and what they can do to ensure that their vessel is ready for an ISM audit.
KVH Media makes entertaining safety films. But behind the jokes, the girls, the horror, there are deadly serious safety messages. The ISM Code- What’s it got to do with me? Will deal with all the issues that affect a ship’s crew, but in an interesting and provocative way. It will open their minds. It will cut through all the jargon, and deal with the Code in an easy to understand visual style. Shot on location in Menorca and on board ship, the film covers the following important points.

The History – Where the legislation has come from and why it is necessary.

The Law – What it says, what it means. The relationship between ship and shore. The Master’s responsibility-and that of every member of his crew.

Enforcement – This Law has teeth. The details of inspection, enforcement, verification and the penalties for non-compliance.

The Auditor – The business of inspection and verification. How to prepare for the visit.

Examples – From the ships bridge, to galley, to enclosed spaces, shipboard examples of practical compliance in action.


The film comes with a book for the Safety Officer to conduct on board Training sessions.

25 minutes in length.


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