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Emergency Response: The Vital First Minutes

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We all know that the world of ships and all those who sail on them has changed. There are new rules, and many countries and organisations demand new levels of excellence from seafarers. This is especially true in a Maritime Emergency. What happens in those vital first few minutes can turn a problem into a disaster unless there is an emergency response plan. Everyone on board should be involved in one way or another.

KVH Media’s fast-moving and engrossing short safety documentary EMERGENCY RESPONSE, is essential viewing for everyone on board ship. What is the Captain’s responsibility in an emergency? How can his officers and crew help him? How can you plan ahead, so that any emergency can be tackled in the right way?
This programme shows and encourages any ship’s crew how to get involved in a thought through emergency response plan – before the emergency happens.

In any emergency, wherever it takes place, there are three “demons” that always appear – FEAR, PANIC and CONFUSION. How do you cope with them? They will always be there. Planning, drills and training are the only way.

This best selling film gives all of the facts in a dramatic and memorable way. It cuts through all the garbled words, and gives precise ideas and recommendations.

The film comes with a book to aid the Safety Officer in onboard training.


25 minutes in length. DVD-Video

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