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Bunkering Procedures

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It is the simplest things that go wrong at sea. In fact this applies to every industry. Every-day activities seem to cultivate their own dangers. Our guard is down- and an accident occurs. A routine activity like taking bunkers on board is a potential danger for any ship simply because it is done so often.

The world expects every seafarer to be a professional, whatever his task. This fast moving cleverly edited safety training film shows a real bunkering operation in the Arabian Gulf. It shows the right way to plan to take bunkers on board, and points out the danger areas.

This film shows how to build professionalism into even the most mundane task. By following a carefully documented plan, we see a ship’s crew dealing with all of the pressures involved when dealing with a bunker barge. The barge has it’s own time-scale, and will try to get the job done as quickly as possible. How can a ship’s crew build this into their careful planning? Samples must be taken, quality checked, and all MARPOL Annex V1 legislation followed. The simple rule is- don’t take chances.

This Film should be purchased in conjunction with "MARPOL The New Rules".

The film comes with a book to aid in onboard training.


14 minutes in length. DVD-Video

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