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Bridge Teamwork

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Always know what is expected of you and let others know what is expected from them.

This film explores the importance of working as a team on board ship, especially on the bridge, where communication is vital. The importance of good communication on the bridge cannot be stressed enough as the consequences of poor communication can affect everyone on board as well as people ashore and the environment.

The film gives us an understanding of how an efficient bridge is run, with clear lines of communication and officers and Master working as a team. It shows a Master who is certain of his own requirements and has communicated them to his team.

The Master on this ship Manages his team with a variety of checks and controls, starting with “The Masters Standing Orders” and the crew understanding them. Pre Arrival and Pre Departure briefings, Check lists and passage plans and on-going status reports.

Watch-Keeping, working with pilots and all aspects of bridge teamwork are covered.
We see that on a well run ship nothing is left to chance and procedure pays off.


16 Minutes in Length. DVD-Video

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