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Hydraulic Lattice Boom Marine Cranes, Introduction

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The hydraulic lattice boom crane, including the common nomenclature essential for operating these complex cranes. (Also available in Portuguese)

...Now that you're all whizzes on hydraulic lattice boom nomenclature, its time for you to take the controls and see exactly how you and your crane interface. If we were talking about computers, we'd call hydraulic cranes user-friendly. Due to their simplistic control design, we could almost call them "idiot proof". However, as with any sophisticated piece of machinery, it doesn't take long for some people to get themselves into serious trouble.

It is up to the operator to familiarize himself completely with the crane, including the operator's manual, the lifting capacity chart, the wire rope chart, the hand signal chart, the boom angle indicator, and the various gauges and controls located throughout the operator cab.

Each Crane must have an accurate capacity chart, designed for that particular crane. In accordance with API 2C, the capacity chart bases the structural strength of the crane on the length of the boom and boom angle, the parts of line and strength of wire rope, and the line pull of the winch as reeved when the hook is at the boom head.

By knowing the weight of the load and the angle of the boom from the boom angle indicator, you should be able to use your crane's capacity chart to determine if a safe lift can be made.

Having first done your homework by familiarizing yourself with the capabilities and capacities of the the crane it's time to actually see it in operation...


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