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How to Read a Lift Chart

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How to read an offshore crane's load chart and the factors that go into it. (Also available in Portuguese)

...There are two types of lifting capacity charts that have been used on offshore cranes...

...One type will have every length of boom on that chart that can be used on the crane. That is, the boom lengths may be 35, 40, 50, 60, or 70 feet on up to the longest boom that can be used on the crane. It is then your responsibility, the crane operator, to know the length of the boom on the crane that you are operating, so that you can tell from the chart how much the crane is capable of lifting. The other type of lift chart is one that has only the boom length that is on the particular crane. This chart eliminates the possibility of misreading the boom length and coming up with the wrong capacity for the crane. Charts of this type are required by API 2C, and have been adopted by USGS and by the United States Coast Guard. All cranes on platforms or platform drilling rigs placed after October 1, 1976, require the lifting capacity chart with the one length of boom shown. However, there are a lot of cranes installed before October 1, 1976 still on platforms...

...The thing to watch, with this type of chart is that the chart in the crane matches the boom on the crane. If, at any time the length of the boom is changed, the chart in the crane must be changed also...

...All Charts will give essentially the same information, but it may be laid out on the chart in a different manner, so each of you must, and I emphasize must, study the chart in your own crane so that you can lift the load safely. Now let's look at a typical lifting capacity chart...

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