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Immersion Suit Training: It Could Save Your Life!

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You wouldn't drive your car without first putting on your seat belt. Likewise, you wouldn't go to sea without the proper safety equipment, including an immersion suit. Having one for each person on board is not just good practice; SOLAS requires it.

Immersion Suit Training: It Could Save Your Life! takes a closer look at the use and maintenance of these important life saving appliances. The 12 minute DVD video starts with a primer on the dangers of hypothermia, an unseen killer, and how Immersion Suits can be used to improve your chances of survival in an emergency. The viewer sees how to quickly don a suit, how to purge excess air, safely enter the water, and work as a team to help other in-water victims. Finally, inspection and maintenance guidelines are described including checking for leaks and storage recommendations.

You will learn about:

Immersion suit regulations
How to don an Immersion Suit
Inspection and maintenance
SOLAS now requires immersion suit training. Add Immersion Suit Training: It Could Save Your Life! to your training library today.

Length: 12 minutes

Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Korean

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Immersion Suit Training: It Could Save Your Life!

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