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Crew Endurance: Live Better, Perform Your Best

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"Investment in Crew Endurance is a positive - it's a win-win. It's a win for the company because they have a higher sustainable level of performance. And it's a winner for the crew themselves - they have a healthier lifestyle."

Captain Richard Brooks, Pacific Maritime Institute.

Crew Endurance: Live Better, Perform Your Best is a new program from Maritime Training Services designed to help operators identify and control the risk factors known to adversely affect crew endurance. Based on research by the US Coast Guard, this 33 minute DVD video program presents the environmental and individual factors that influence performance, and how each can be managed to improve safety and endurance.

You will learn:

How to mitigate the Environmental factors known to reduce endurance
About Individual factors at play and how to lessen their impact
About your Body Clock
How to shift the Red Zone to work at your best
How to use Light management to reduce fatigue

Length: 33 minutes

Chinese, Spanish, Russian

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Crew Endurance: Live Better, Perform Your Best

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