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Container Lashing and De-Lashing: Safety First!

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"Guys just don't get bruises, you know, they either lose a limb, an arm, a finger, or they get killed. It's a very dangerous job down here. You gotta be aware of your surroundings at all times."

It is one of the most dangerous and physically demanding jobs onboard a container ship: Container Lashing and De-Lashing. Rods falling, mariners tripping, containers moving overhead, and fingers pinched are all accidents waiting to happen. Don't let them happen to you or your crew.

This 12 minute video takes a close look at this very dangerous job and identifies ways to work efficiently, effectively, and safely. We hear real stories from real mariners who have seen what can happen when things go horribly wrong. The right way is demonstrated with reminders and tips on many topics such as how to use your back, how to work in teams, what is the correct PPE, how to carry and lay down the rod safely, how to avoid accidents and injuries.

Sore muscles are just part of the territory; injuries or fatalities are not! Make Container Lashing and De-Lashing: Safety First! a part of your morning work briefing.

2005 P&O Ports Chairman's Safety Award Winner!

Length: 12 minutes

English, Chinese, Spanish

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Container Lashing and De-Lashing: Safety First!

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