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Vessel & Company Security Officer Training Suite

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Designed to accomplish the specific levels of training for the VSO and CSO as required in USCG Regulation 33 CFR 104, this four-program suite provides a method of training more comprehensive and thorough than many generic commercial programs available today. Intended specifically for the Inland and Coastal Towing Industries, the VSO/CSO program is complemented by three additional Security Programs to ensure quality training.


1) Vessel & Company Security Officer Training for the Towing Industry

A Compliance Guide to the MTSA and AWO Alternative Security Plan

This training program is designed to accomplish the specific levels of training required for compliance with the Security Regulations known as the Maritime Transportation Security Act - MTSA. This training is consistent with the training requirements in 33CFR 104 for vessel operations and is designed specifically for US Flag Vessels working within US inland and coastal waterways. The training provides the most thorough and comprehensive training available today for vessel operators.

2. Security Search, Screening and Sweeping Techniques for Vessels

This course is designed to accomplish the specific levels of training required for maritime personnel to perform security searches, screenings and sweeps as required by the MTSA, ISPS and other maritime security regulations.
Available in a vessel version, a facility version and a combined version covering both facilities and vessels, this training program, with accompanying written Facilitator Guide and test questions, is ideal for training current and future employees while on the job and will be an excellent addition to new employee orientations.

3. The Declaration of Security “DOS” - A Guide for Facility and Vessel Operators – as per MTSA & ISPS Regulations

This 20 minute training program is designed to train personnel in the regulatory requirements regarding the completion of the Declaration of Security for vessel to facility or vessel to vessel interfaces. This training is consistent with the requirements in 33CFR 105, for maritime facility personnel, 33CFR 104 for vessel crews, and 33 CFR 106 for offshore installation personnel required to complete a DOS. The material in the program is also compatible with the ISPS Code Section 5 A &B regarding the Declaration of Security procedures.

4. Maritime Security: Handling Sensitive Security Information

This video, produced by the U.S. Coast Guard, discusses Sensitive Security Information and is intended as a training aid for Coast Guard personnel, maritime industry, and government agency partners in handling information designated as SSI as defined in 49 CFR Part 1520 and the MTSA regulations.


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