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Security Search Techniques: Baggage

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Searching baggage is far more complex than simply opening it up to see what is inside. Proper practices and procedures need to be followed to comply with the law and to avoid an oversight that might create a security breach or worse, lead to a catastrophe.

The ISPS Code explicitly states that "In liaison with the port facility, the ship should ensure that designated secure areas are established in which inspections and searching of persons, baggage (including carry-on items), personal effects, vehicles and their contents can take place." Security Search Techniques: Baggage examines the most important features of conducting successful searches. The video presents how to prepare for the search, how to conduct a thorough search and how to respond if contraband or prohibited items are discovered.

The first step in a thorough search begins with the establishment of identity and an examination of credentials. The importance of posting a search policy is explored. Coordinating with the port facility and establishing a secure area for searches are shown to be critical elements in the process. Reference is made to the Ship Security Plan as the primary document for appropriate levels of search at various ship security levels. Dealing with unaccompanied baggage is described.

The methods demonstrated in Security Search Techniques: Baggage are based on what is required in the ISPS Code and the expertise of Ravi Shankar, security consultant to some of the largest shipping companies in the world. Security Search Techniques: Baggage allows your crew to see a thorough and careful baggage search, to hear from an industry expert why such care must be taken, and to understand what needs to be done to prevent unauthorized or illegal items from gaining access to your ship.

What you will learn:

Establishing a secure search area
The importance of the Ship Security Plan
What to do with unaccompanied baggage
Proper response to finding contraband
Length: 12 minutes

Chinese, Spanish, Korean

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Security Search Techniques: Baggage

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