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Clearing the Air: A Guide to a Smoke Free Workplace

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This program takes the heat off of employers when companies go "smoke-free". Statistics, expert interviews, and the evidence of increased liability and costs to businesses present a compelling case to all employees. Second hand smoke, coping strategies, and the benefits of a "smoke-free" workplace are discussed.

Script Sample:
A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology estimates second hand smoke, in the United States alone, causes 47,000 deaths and about 150,000 heart attacks in nonsmokers each year. For every eight smokers who die due to their habit, one nonsmoker dies with them.

According to studies, the problem is primarily with smoke exhaled by smokers. It remains unfiltered and extremely toxic...

...Second hand smoke will trigger a reaction in my sinuses. I don't know if you've ever watched any of these commercials on TV where people are holding their head. It's true, that's what happens to me. I get pain, pressure can't breath, clogging. Then I take medication for it at the time or sometimes preventatively. But it doesn't always work and not having smoke around helps me. Second hand smoke absolutely aggravates my sinus allergy condition...

..Even those who aren't allergic to smoke can develop eye irritations, nausea, headaches and sore throats...

...We also have to be aware of the risks to unborn children who are often in the workplace right along with us for their entire gestational period. Smoking causes spontaneous abortions, pre-mature births, and low birth weight babies, among other conditions...

Length: 18 minutes. DVD-Video

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