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Back Care for Maritime Industry, Two-Program Set

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Back Care for Maritime Industry offers comprehensive injury prevention and loss control recommendations for maritime employers who operate commercial vessels or shoreside production sites.

The most common form of industrial injury, back sprains and strains cost maritime employers millions of dollars each year. They account for about a third of all workplace injuries and 40-60 percent of total injury costs. The hard physical work, the moving platforms and the cold, damp atmospheres that characterize the maritime workplace mean that back injuries are even a bigger problem for maritime employers than for industry in general.

Back injuries can be extremely painful, and they hurt everyone. The worker faces pain, suffering, loss of income and perhaps even a long term disability, while the employer faces the high costs of worker's compensation, medical treatment, legal fees and insurance premiums. As high as these direct expenses are, however, they may represent only a fraction of the total costs that emerge when an employee suffers a back injury.

Other hidden costs include the loss of an experienced worker and the cost of training his replacement, down-time, lost productivity, impaired quality control and the time required for supervisors to investigate the accident and contend with the paperwork. These indirect costs may be as much as four times more than the direct expenses.

The good news is that a committed program of back injury management can dramatically reduce the frequency of injury within the maritime workplace. The bad news is that many companies simply don’t pay adequate attention to back injury risks.

Back Care for Maritime Industry is designed to educate both production and supervisory personnel about the how’s and why's of back care.

Part 1. Lift it Safely offers rank and file employees a simple, visual guide to protecting themselves, while Part 2. Minimize the Risk offers supervisory personnel a clear picture of the costs associated with back injuries, and a real-world program for minimizing back injury risks.

The two-program set is available on DVD. Or, you may watch Part 1 and Part 2 on Pay Per View by following the links below.

Part 1: Lift it Safely, A Guide for Maritime Employees

Part 2: Minimize the Risk, The Role of Management

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Back Care for Maritime Industry, Two-Program Set

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