Recreational Boating Tips and Travel
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ABC’s of the Surf Zone (DVD) $39.95
All About Kayaking (DVD) $19.95
Art of Racing Sailing (DVD) $29.95
Beyond the Cockpit (DVD) $29.95
The Big Six (DVD) $24.95
Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic (DVD) $29.95
Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures (DVD) $39.95
Care & Feeding of the Sailing Crew (VHS NTSC) $29.95
Cast off for Catalina (DVD) $29.95
Coot Club (DVD) $24.95
Cruising Coral Seas (DVD) $29.95
Cruising with Lin & Larry Pardey (DVD) $29.95
Cruising with the Shards (DVD) $24.95
Distant Shores, 5-Volume Set (DVD) $59.95
Fancy Ropework (DVD) $19.95
Get Ready to Cross Oceans (DVD) $29.95
Get Ready to Cruise (DVD) $29.95
In the Surf (DVD) $29.95
Inspecting Your Rig (DVD) $24.95
Installing STA-LOKS (DVD) $24.95
Kayak Roll (DVD) $29.95
Making Eye Splices (DVD) $24.95
Performance Sea Kayaking (DVD) $29.95
Powerboat Handling: Twin Screw (DVD) $34.95
Recreational Kayaking (DVD) $19.95
Sailing in Heavy Weather (DVD) $44.95
Sea Kayak Safety (DVD) $29.95
Single Engine Powerboat Handling (DVD) $29.95
This is the Sea 3 (DVD) $29.95
This is the Sea 2 (DVD) $29.95
This is the Sea (DVD) $29.95
Around Santa Cruz Island (DVD) $29.95
Tuning Your Rig (DVD) $24.95
Cruising has No Limits (DVD) $22.95
Boaters Guide to Twin Screw Boat Handling (DVD) $29.95
Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking (DVD) $29.95
Useful Knots for Boatmen (DVD) $24.95
Voyaging with Lin & Larry Pardey (DVD) $29.95
This is the Sea 4 (DVD) $29.95

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