Recreational Boating Safety
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Taking the Search out of Search & Rescue, 3 Title Set (DVD) $49.95
Starpath Radar Trainer 3 (CBT) $159.00
Starpath Weather Trainer (CBT) $89.00
Starpath Chart Trainer v3 (CBT) $39.00
Starpath Engineering Examiner (CBT) $89.00
Starpath Bowditch Plus! v4 (CBT) $59.00
Starpath Nav Rules Trainer (CBT) $89.00
Inland & Coastal Navigation Course (CBT) $279.00
Starpath Perpetual Almanac (CBT) $49.00
Starpath Software Library (CBT) $656.00
Celestial Navigation Course (CBT) $279.00
Celestial Navigation Simplified (DVD) $29.95
Making Eye Splices (DVD) $24.95
Sailing in Heavy Weather (DVD) $44.95
Storm Tactics (DVD) $29.95
Useful Knots for Boatmen (DVD) $24.95
Weather to Go Boating (DVD) $29.95
Starpath Captain’s Examiner (CBT) $49.00
Starpath Engineer’s Library (CBT) $69.00
Starpath Captain’s Examiner (CBT) $49.00

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