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Astro Navigation (DVD) $315.00
Bridge Teamwork (DVD) $265.00
Bunkering Procedures (DVD) $265.00
Emergency Response: The Vital First Minutes (DVD) $265.00
Fighting the Odds – Sea Survival (DVD) $265.00
Fire Down Below (DVD) $265.00
First Aid Afloat – Simple First Aid for Mariners (DVD) $265.00
Fit for Survival – Are You? (DVD) $265.00
The ISM Code – What’s It Got to Do With Me? (DVD) $265.00
Liferafts - Know What to Do! (DVD) $265.00
MARPOL -The New Rules (DVD) $265.00
POPS 1 The Program of Personal Safety (DVD) $265.00
POPS 2 – The Second Program of Personal Safety (DVD) $265.00
POPS 3 – The Third Program of Personal Safety (DVD) $265.00
POPS 4 – The Program of Personal Safety (DVD) $265.00
POPS 5 – Don’t Let a Terrorist on Your Ship (DVD) $265.00
Red Flare (DVD) $265.00
Security Awareness and Vigilance Onboard (DVD) $265.00
Take 5 (DVD) $130.00
Time Bomb. Interactive Marine Safety Training (DVD) $540.00
Understanding Navigation (DVD) $390.00
Use Your Head – Accident Prevention (DVD) $265.00
Interpreting Weather at Sea (DVD) $315.00
Zero Error (DVD) $170.00
Ballast Water Management - What You Really Need to Know (DVD) $265.00
Oily Water Separators - Do It Right Every Time (DVD) $315.00
Crowd Management. Can You Do It? (DVD) $315.00
Fire on Board (DVD) $265.00
Think First (DVD) $315.00
A Seafarer’s Guide to Energy Conservation & the Marine Environment (DVD) $265.00
Accidents at Sea (DVD) $265.00
Assessing Risks: Slips, Trips and Falls (DVD) $315.00
Mooring Operations: One Small Slip (DVD) $325.00
Assessing Risk: Hot Work (DVD) $315.00
Assessing Risk: Start to Safe Finish (DVD) $315.00
Assessing Risk Package (DVD) $650.00
Pollution Response: Prepare & Prevent (DVD) $315.00
Lifeboat Drills: Preparing for Safety (DVD) $315.00
Security Awareness and Vigilance Onboard (DVD) $265.00
ECDIS: A Primer & Reminder (DVD) $315.00
The Human Element (DVD) $525.00
Bridge Team Management - Pilot Onboard (DVD) $335.00
Bridge Team Management - Communication is Everything (DVD) $280.00
The Maritime Communication Series (DVD) $640.00
Maritime Communication Series Part 1: Through Troubled Waters (DVD) $315.00
Maritime Communication Series Part 2: Navigating Oceans and Cultures (DVD) $315.00
Maritime Communication Series Part 3: Cooling Conflict (DVD) $315.00

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